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Second Story Garage brings in awesome musical acts from Colorado — or those just passing through — to a small, makeshift recording studio in the newsroom of the Daily Camera, a news outfit in Boulder.

Your host is Quentin Young a reporter at the Daily Camera (Boulder).

Once a week, a band comes in, chats with Quentin, and plays a few songs. Then we share all of that with you. Learn about the Garage by clicking here.

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“(We) really captured something magical” on video – Chris Daniels, Colorado Music Hall of Famer

“LOVE this!!!!!! Love that they riffed on Second Story Garage. They are awesome.” ~ Ami Heinrich/Tsunami Publicity & Marketing, EOTO

“These are AWESOME… seriously, thank you. We’ll be back next time we have a fresh release!” ~ Bud Bronson, Bud Bronson & The Good Timers

“This looks amazing! We will definitely be sharing this everywhere!” For the record, i’d add that it sounds pretty awesome too…” – Shon Cobbs, Plume Varia

“Everything sounds and looks extremely great and i’ve been showing everyone that I can as well as posting all the videos on Facebook Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing more of the second story catalog!”
-Justin, Eminence Ensemble

“And I saw the unreal view count on the Greensky Bluegrass videos! That song ‘Leap Year’ is my new favorite. You guys do such a great job –so those vids are easily the best Greensky videos on the web as far as audio and video quality is concerned.” ~ Dave Weissman (Publicist)

The Garage “is a rite of passage for Colorado bands.” ~ Eric Low, Fox Street.

“The second story garage crew is amazing. Providing great media for local and national musicians out of their passion for creativity.” ~ Neil Sullivan, Intuit.

“This was so much fun! Thanks for making us smile and for posting these awesome videos guys.” ~ Seth Glier

“We had an absolute blast at Second Story Garage last month in Boulder … Be sure to follow, like, share, etc…. SSG. Great folks doing great things.” ~ Cabinet


It’s small, covered in moving blankets and features a few things our executive editor had lying around in his garage and/or shed. Duncan Taylor, who spends his days laying out newspapers, is our audio pro, and Paul Aiken and his photo/video staff capture what you’re seeing.

Get show announcements, breaking music news and in-studio performance notices right in your email with the Second Story Garage newsletter!

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Your host

Your host Quentin Young, reporter at the Times-Call (Longmont), and Daily Camera (Boulder) respectively.

For sound related questions and feedback, feel free to contact sound@www.daily.camera.

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