Jaden Carlson Band chat with Quentin Young

Jaden Carlson Band chat with Quentin at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

Jaden Carlson, at 13, has to be one of the youngest performers ever to headline the Fox Theatre in Boulder. Musicians from all over the country aspire to step onto the Fox stage, and Carlson’s gig at the Fox on July 12 is all the more meaningful since it’s a hometown venue.

The Boulder guitarist first came to Second Story Garage in 2012 with a singer-songwriter performance. She played her own songs on an acoustic guitar, and even then we were impressed with her maturity and artistry.

We’ve watched ever since as her popularity and music have grown, and we invited her back to the Garage this week. This time she brought an electric guitar and a band. Close your eyes and listen to her licks. You would not know she’s only 13, and that’s part of the reason she was able to attract two equally talented musicians — drummer Will Trask and keyboardist Eric Luba — to her band.

They played “Church of Hard Knocks,” “The Wrong Way” and “Born to Fly” for us, then chatted with Quentin. After you’ve watched these videos, be sure to watch the ones from Jaden’s previous visit to the Garage.

What they brought us: A signed photo of the band and a flier for their show at the Fox.

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