The Whales perform ‘I Say Yes’

The Whales perform “I Say Yes” at Second Story Garage.

Consider these videos campaign ads for The Whale Party.

As far as we can tell, The Whale Party (or, rather, #whaleparty) is more about rock ‘n’ roll and beer than politics. But we did receive some snazzy campaign buttons from the Denver blues-rock trio. If this is a political party with a platform of good music, we’re in.

When Jonah Wisneski, Scott Roush and Logan Muckler arrived at the Garage and told us they’d play all new songs, we were psyched. Now, we’re excited to pass them on to you.

Check out the rest of The Whales’ videos: “Younger Then,” “All Roads Lead to Home” and their interview with Ashley.

If you want in on The Whale Party, see for the band’s many, many Colorado dates.

What they brought us: In addition to our campaign pins, the guys brought us a handmade sign commemorating the session.

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