Ashley Dean

Ashley Dean

Ashley shreds the dunes.

Ashley Dean was sulking around uptown Manhattan when the phone rang, to the tune of The Strokes’ “Reptilia.” The Colorado Daily wanted her to come west. With a lot of highfalutin talk of Manifest Destiny and Springsteen’s “Born To Run” blaring, she hit the road and left a world of hip hop and indie rock for the land of bluegrass and jam bands. Several of her oxen drowned in the Mississippi and she had a nasty bout of cholera, but she made it and is totally digging this whole banjo thing. When she’s not at shows, Ashley keeps busy by shredding gnar and being the Daily’s foremost authority on internet cats.


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Your hosts are Ashley Dean and Quentin Young, reporters at the Colorado Daily (Boulder) and Times-Call (Longmont), respectively.

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