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Quentin Young

Quentin Young has strong opinions, especially about music. Want to argue who was the better songwriter, Lennon or McCartney (Lennon), go ahead, try him. Guitar vs. synth? Bring it on. He grew up in Long Island and hung out at the same pizza joint that Mariah Carey did. Billy Joel lived down the road. In college he played in a band called Tin Chicken in upstate New York and had the misfortune of covering “Brown Eyed Girl” for drunk people on many a night.

Then he lived in Austin, drank a lot of Lone Star, and played a lot of blues. A friend was driving to Boulder and he tagged along on a whim. Somewhere along the way he learned how to write, so some say, and now he’s an arts reporter for the Longmont Times-Call and hosts Second Story Garage. He’s still playing music, too, mostly with the grass ‘n’ roll band Big Tell, though his “Brown Eyed Girl” playing days are long over.


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Your host Quentin Young, reporter at the Times-Call (Longmont), and Daily Camera (Boulder) respectively.

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