A Boy & His Kite perform ‘Until the End of Time’

A Boy & His Kite perform “Until the End of Time” at Second Story Garage.

When the people responsible for assembling the soundtrack for last year’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part Two” heard a submission from A Boy & His Kite, they called and said they were interested in hearing everything the artist had recorded.

A Boy & His Kite — otherwise known as Dave Wilton and whatever assortment of musicians he has at hand — was happy to oblige, and the movie soundtrack ended up including his “Cover Your Tracks.” The song, which Wilton recorded himself in his Lafayette home studio, was on a track list that included selections from such top acts as Green Day and Skrillex.

Wilton got to perform at the movie premiere and attend the after-party with the film’s stars and “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer. No expense was spared at the party, which included live wolves as ornaments, Wilton said.

We got a taste of what made the “Twilight” people so excited about Wilton’s music. He writes songs that are listenable like pop but with the depth of poetry. He’s not afraid to go for the emotional jugular, and the music is as seductive as a Hollywood vampire.

Wilton doesn’t perform live very often, which was another reason his Second Story Garage session felt intense at times. It was a rare opportunity to catch a talented Front Range artist in action. Don’t miss “Cover Your Tracks,” “Heartache Is a Cold Place” and their interview with Quentin.

What he brought us: A vinyl copy of the Van Morrison album “A Period of Transition” — Wilton uses the photographic portraits of Morrison on the album cover as cues for different emotions in his recording studio.

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