Aaron Watson performs ‘July in Cheyenne’

Aaron Watson performs “July in Cheyenne” at Second Story Garage.

Aaron Watson’s music has a warm quality to it. It’s in the tone, the texture, the meanings, the voice. Maybe it has something to do with his Texas roots. It also has to do with Watson’s personality. The country singer was one of the most entertaining off-camera musical guests we’ve had in the SecondStoryGarage. His endless stream of anecdotes was almost as fun to listen to as his music.

Watson was in town with his band to perform at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, and he brought an acoustic trio up to the Garage for the session. His voice — if it were a color, it would be the hue of sagebrush — was a highlight of the session, and so were his lyrics. Listen to the way he can tell a story. The guy knows how to write a song, as he proved on “Real Good Time,”  “Barbed Wire Halo”  and “July in Cheyenne.”

Watson expressed in his interview with Quentin that he prides himself on being an independent artist. The success he has achieved so far has come from hard work and perseverance. He’s released 11 albums, the latest being “Real Good Time,” which includes guest appearances by Willie Nelson and Elizabeth Cook.

What he brought us: His latest CD, “Real Good Time.”

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