Ash Grunwald performs ‘Breakout’

Ash Grunwald performs “Breakout” at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

Ash Grunwald is from Australia, but American blues is in his soul. Like the best of the Delta bluesmen, he goes for a spare, penetrating sound that’s universally understood, and we felt as if we knew just what he was saying when he ripped it up in the studio.

Grunwald accompanies himself on drums, which he plays with his feet. It’s not a gimmicky thing. It’s a natural expression of his art. Grunwald’s music breathes. It speeds up or slows down and gets loud or soft as he feels it, and by laying down a beat for himself, he retains total control over the dynamic of each moment. It’s raw, it’s organic, it’s entirely personal.

Grunwald, whose song “Walking” was featured on the soundtrack of the Bradley Cooper movie “Limitless,” was on tour with Xavier Rudd, a fellow Aussie and friend, when he stopped by the studio before a recent show at the Boulder Theater.

Grunwald played “Just Be Yourself,” “Serious” and “Breakout” for us, then explained to Quentin where he got his passion for the blues.

What he brought us: A T-shirt and CD he put together for this, his first American tour.

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