Second Story Garage: Bonnie and the Clydes

The Second Story Garage is a tiny recording studio built into our actual newsroom. We invite local artists — and those passing through town — to stop by, play a few songs and have a chat with our hosts, Quentin Young and Ashley Dean. Then we share the results with you folks.

This week we’ve got a real humdinger with Bonnie Sims and Taylor Sims, representing Bonnie and the Clydes. They play all around the Front Range, and as Ashley just wrote, you can find them at the upcoming Underground Music Festival in Denver later this month. They’ve also got a new album, Wrong Side Up, coming out July 13.

What Bonnie brought us: Each week, we ask artists to bring something by the studio that they can leave with us. Or at least that’s the idea. Sometimes we don’t remember to ask until the last minute — but Bonnie was game and left us the flower in her hair. Thanks, Bonnie! It’s up on the pegboard now.

You may notice that the “Take Me Home” video cuts out a bit early — growing pains! Bonnie and Taylor were kind enough to join us before we had our whole system down and before, in fact, we had all of our proper camera equipment. As a result, we lost video for the final minute or so of the song, but happily we record our sound separately, so we still have the lovely conclusion of the song.

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