Bud Bronson & The Good Timers perform ‘Pioneer Iron’

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers perform “Pioneer Iron” at Second Story Garage music video studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers are hard not to like.

They’re charismatic guys who play fun music, and their shows are, plainly speaking, a really good time. They have a Ridgemont High vibe that, in other hands, could be gimmicky but verges on the profound with them. They sing about hanging out with friends and digging on girls in such a way that’s so ingenuous it could be a stream-of-consciousness record of their collective thoughts. And underlying it all are crunchy, just-the-good-stuff riffs that spoon sugary rock richness into your ears.

Frontman Brian Beer — yes, the last name’s just perfect — has a wild side on stage, and his passionately good-time approach to performance is no small reason the band backs up its name live. They followed through even in the confines (and afternoon taping time) of their session in the Garage. Joining Beer, who also plays guitar, were lead guitarist Luke Gottlieb, bassist Austen Grafa and drummer Forrest Bartosh.

Their Garage set included “Cars,” “Pioneer Iron” and “Vapademic.” That last one is a protest against vaping weed that will resonate with anyone who appreciates the old teenage stoner rituals. “Now I see it on the streets of Denver Rock City/People sucking on pens like it’s Mos Eisley,” Beer sings, adding, with a characteristic propensity for self-reflection, “Give me 10 more years, I’ll find something else to get all self-righteous and nostalgic about.”

That reference to “Denver Rock City,” by the way, is both a reference to a Kiss song and a sign of Bud Bronson’s hometown pride. They often refer to “Denver Rock City” in their promo material, and the Denver skyline features prominently on their recent Vapedemic/Cars EP. The city is a lot more fun with the Good Timers around. Their interview with Quentin is a blast, too.

What they brought us: An empty can of Busch beer in a Bud Bronson koozie.

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