The Cliks perform ‘Still’

The Cliks perform “Still” at Second Story Garage.

Lucas Silveira’s creative spirit takes many forms. He’s an artist. He acts. He writes. Lucky for Second Story Garage, he also fronts a rock band. The band, called The Cliks, comes from Toronto, and it was in Denver last month on the penultimate date of a tour that took it from New York to the West Coast, then back toward Toronto.

The band’s prowling rhythms and strutting style have won it many North American fans. Silveira, who was born a girl, is transgender, and his personal story is a source of inspiration for many fans. He was bullied as a child because of his gender presentation, and as an adult, he continues to face hurtful comments and disapproval from peers. But there also have been triumphs, not all of them musical. In 2010, he was voted “Sexiest Canadian Man” by Chart Attack, a Toronto indie music magazine.

The Cliks were touring in support of their latest album, Black Tie Elevator. Silveira painted the cover art, a self-portrait, which he discussed during his interview with Quentin. Silveira also showed off his prowess as a front man during Garage performances of “Savanna,” “Walking in a Graveyard” and “Still.”

What they brought us:
A “rocks” glass, which they had confiscated from a club and signed for us.

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The Cliks perform ‘Walking in a Graveyard’


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