Cold River City chat with Ashley Dean

Cold River City chat with Ashley Dean at Second Story Garage.

It’s tough to stick a tag on Cold River City‘s music.

This is said of a lot of bands, but where some blend their sound into a fusion genre, this Boulder quintet plays with genre change-ups from song to song. The influences are clear without making you feel as if the band is pandering to as many audiences as possible. It just feels as if this is what they want to play — rock flavored by a dash of everything else.

We brought Cold River City into the Garage for some fun ahead of what might be the band’s biggest show to date, a spot on the main stage at Snowball. On April 5, they’ll open for another Boulder band, Na’an Stop, at the Fox Theatre.

Check out the band’s other performances of  “Reach Out,” “My Side” and “Blues Heavy,” along with some close-up shots of what we christened the “Frankenslide” guitar.

What they brought us: A trophy from a golf tournament at a swanky Connecticut country club. We truly feel like winners.

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