dada perform ‘Dizz Knee Land’

dada perform “Dizz Knee Land” at Second Story Garage.

What have you done with the past 20 years?

dada have mostly kept busy rocking. The California trio of Michael Gurley, Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt broke out in 1992 with their hit “Dizz Knee Land.” Now, many hits later, they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band with a huge North American tour.

We invited them in for a session while they were in our neck of the woods and they showed us that time has not taken a negative toll on the music.

Watch “Dizz Knee Land,” above, then check out “Guitar Girl” and “A Friend of Pat Robertson,” as well as dada’s interview with Ashley.

What they brought us: Good old-fashioned tour merch in the form of a signed poster and some buttons.

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