decker. perform ‘Patsy’

decker. perform “Patsy” at Second Story Garage music video studio in Boulder, Colorado.

The lyrical references on decker.’s latest album, Patsy, run from Ol’ Dirty Bastard to Lee Harvey Oswald, and in between is some sharp thinking expressed in cutting lines. Decker.’s view of the world is expansive and unforgiving.

“Patsy,” the album’s title song, was inspired by Oswald, and it gives a first-person account as if told by Kennedy’s assassin. It provocatively asks the listener to empathize with this character and suggests that he is not so different than any of us. “I am the everyman,” he sings. “It’s all over for me, guess it’s all over for you.”

Brandon Decker, frontman of the band, lives in Sedona, Ariz., and, by his own account, the desert is essential to his sensibility as a songwriter. His music shares a severe beauty with the desert, where life seems more miraculous because it could sooner be extinguished. Decker’s quivering, plaintive voice only adds to the sense that these songs are somehow an exercise in survival.

Decker. was on tour in April in support of Patsy when the band stopped at Second Story Garage for a session. They performed “Patsy,” “ODB” and “Spades,” and Decker provided some insights into his writing when he sat down to chat with Quentin. The band will be back in Boulder County this summer to play the Jamestown Mercantile on July 23.

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