Elephant Revival chat with Quentin Young

Elephant Revival chat with Quentin Young at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

Elephant Revival belongs to a certain model of Colorado bands that are sometimes called indie-folk or gypsy-folk and favor acoustic over electric and vintage over modern. More than that, Elephant Revival is a prototype of the model, and there’s no telling how many people in the state, or in the country, took up the washboard after seeing the quintet from Nederland perform.

With haunting vocals and a rare ability to increase energy with decreased volume, the band is at the head of a community of local genre-mates, such as Paper Bird and The Haunted Windchimes. Elephant Revival got their first crack at Red Rocks this summer, and they’re regular headliners at music festivals. They’re currently preparing for a two-night run, Friday, Nov. 7, and Saturday, Nov. 8 (sold out), at the Boulder Theater. The shows are titled “Birds of a Feather: An Autumnal Ball,” and Friday’s includes a set by Portland, Ore.-based Horse Feathers and Saturday’s features a set by Paper Bird. Fans are encouraged to come in costume because both shows will be filmed and recorded.

Elephant Revival includes Bonnie Paine on vocals and washboard, Daniel Rodriguez on vocals and guitar, Sage T. Cook on electric and acoustic banjo, Bridget Law on fiddle and Dango Rose on bass. (Rose was unavailable for the SSG session.) They’re just beginning to prepare a new recording, but in the Garage they played some of their standards, “Remembering a Beginning,” “Birds and Stars” and “Rogue River.” In “Rogue River.” listen in the background for hand claps from Garage staff and friends of the band.

What they brought us: A snake charmer’s hat and one of Bonnie Paine’s homemade, washboard-playing gloves. The band discussed both gifts in their chat with Quentin.

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