Second Story Garage: EOTO

EOTO perform “Second Story” at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

The interesting thing about the electronic music scene in Colorado is not that it is ballooning in a state that produces jam bands and banjo players by the bushel.

It’s how the state’s rootsy sensibilities are getting plugged into the electronics. Boulder is home to two electronic acts — Big Gigantic and GRiZ — that add sax to their onstage operating systems. Other local computer-boosted acts, such as SunSquabi, are as likely to be shredding guitar as twisting a knob during shows.

EOTO takes the idea a step farther. Its performances, which feature live instruments as well as computers, are all improvised, start to finish. It’s basically an electronic jam band. But you’ve never heard sounds this danceable, this heavy, this groovy, this badass from the jam bands your dad listens to.

Michael Travis and Jason Hann, members of the quintessentially Colorado jam band The String Cheese Incident, comprise EOTO. Although the music of the two acts share a spirit of spontaneity, they sound very little alike and they put on different kinds of concerts. EOTO brings crazy visuals, as well as crazy sounds to the scene. A couple of years ago, they went around with a lotus-like stage setup that cradled the guys as they played as if they were some sort of demigods. We’re eager to see what Travis and Hann have planned for the three-week November tour of the East Coast and central states they announced Sept. 22.

When they came to the Garage, Travis and Hann made up three songs on the spot, as is their specialty, and therefore the songs didn’t even have names. So, we call them “Let’s Go,” “Rainstick” and “Second Story” (Hann gives a shout-out to the Garage in that last one). Check back soon for the band’s interview in which they shared a mini-lesson in their technique with guest host Moose.

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