Face perform ‘Feels Alright’

Face vocal band perform “Feels Alright” at Second Story Garage.

Face is the first a cappella group we had in the studio. But to call them “a cappella” might give you the wrong idea. They call themselves a vocal rock band, and their vibe is more leather jacket than striped vest.

One of the members, Mark Megibow, is the band’s drummer. He performs this role by beat boxing, and you have to hear some of the sounds he creates. Some drummers surround themselves with toms and cymbals. Megibow has only his mouth, and the effect is just about the same. A cymbal crash in reverse is part of his stock of sounds.

Another member, Forest Kelly, handles bass. The other four members fill out the sound in a way that mimics what guitars and keyboards typically do in rock bands with instruments. As for vocals, well, that’s just what these guys do.

Face is a longtime favorite of Boulder audiences, but they gained national exposure in 2009 when they competed on the TV show “The Sing-Off.” In December, they gave an impromptu show while stranded in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, and a video of the performance has more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

We think our videos of the band’s SSG session deserve at least that many views. Check out the performances of “How Was The Show Last Night,” “Feels Alright” and “One More Time.” And don’t miss their interview with Quentin.

What they brought us: A microphone head that Mark Megibow blew out during a show.

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