Facing West perform ‘This Time’

Facing West perform “This Time” at Second Story Garage music video studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Keep your eye on the Powell sisters. The two teens from Evergreen, Colo., write songs and perform together as Facing West, and their prospects are looking up.

Caitlin, 16, and Sidney, 13, began performing in 2013 as 2Girls With Guitars and soon released their first album, Skyline, as Facing West. They signed with Pando Records last year and are preparing to release a second album, Long Way Home, in August. The album includes guest appearances by Colorado music luminaries Jock Bartley and Kim Stone, and it was mastered in Boulder by the Grammy-winning David Glasser.

It has been a busy summer for Caitlin and Sidney. In June, Facing West joined Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and other top artists on the Country Jam lineup in Grand Junction. They also were on the lineup of the Headwaters Country Jam in Montana.

They visited the Garage in May and gave us a taste of the upcoming album with renditions of their songs “This Time,” title track “Long Way Home” and “Anchor,” then sat down with Quentin to talk about where all this is going.

What they brought us: An anchor.

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