Flobots perform ‘Good Soldier’

Flobots peform “Good Soldier” at Second Story Garage.

The timing could not have been better. The day we had the Flobots in the studio was the same day the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down and the band commemorated the day with a performance of “Superhero.”

The song speaks out against the inequalities gay couples had been dealing with because of the law, and it’s only one of the Denver band’s many socially conscious songs. The Flobot’s biggest hit, 2008’s “Handlebars,” was an alt-rock and hip-hop rally cry that the band has since followed up with songs such as “Good Soldier” and “Occupyearth,” which tackle war and global warming.

In their interview with Ashley, three of the Flobots, Jonny 5, Brer Rabbit and Jesse Walker, talked about another cause: Flobots.org. The band’s work has brought music education to thousands of “at-risk and written-off” high school students in Colorado.

What they brought us: A busted-up, small keyboard. They were going to blow it up with firecrackers but decided to give it a home with us.

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