Grant Farm perform ‘High Country Ladies’

Grant Farm perform “High Country Ladies.”

Grant Farm incorporates many of the Boulder area’s preferred musical strains. There’s some country twang. There’s some rock. The term Americana is apt. Maybe even jam band, on occasion. The band is relatively new, but it includes seasoned players, not least of which is leader Tyler Grant, and it is picking up prestigious local gigs, such as NedFest this summer.

Grant is a decorated flat-picker. He’s a veteran of the Emmit-Nershi Band, among other popular acts, and you should hear him on acoustic guitar. But in Grant Farm, we get to see the guitarist swing around thrillingly on a Telecaster. Grant is proud of this project, partly because the band has developed its own style, with each member influencing the others.

We started taping Grant Farm starting at 10:30 in the morning. Performing that early sometimes throws musicians off, especially rock musicians who are used to sleeping right through noon. But the studio atmosphere took on some aspects of a nightclub that morning. Bet it shows. (It also happened to be the day of the Daily Camera Christmas party. That helped.)

See the rest of Grant Farm’s videos: “High Country Ladies,” “Times Have Changed” and their interview with Quentin.

What they brought us: Some funky sunglasses and a Grant Farm hat emblazoned with a tractor.

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