Henhouse Prowlers perform ‘Drunk Again’

Henhouse Prowlers perform “Drunk Again” at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

While so many bluegrass bands go to great lengths to take the genre in different directions, the Henhouse Prowlers are content to just be really good at bluegrass. Tradition’s not a problem when you can sing and play like these guys do.

That’s not to say the Chicago four-piece is stodgy. They might wear ties, but they can tear it up. They won the prestigious 2010 RockyGrass Festival’s band competition, and they represent the United States on U.S. State Department visits to Africa, where they conduct workshops and collaborate with local musicians.

The band is Ben Wright on banjo, Starr Moss on guitar, Jon Goldfine on bass and Dan Andree on fiddle. When they came to the Garage, they performed “When You Come Back I’ll Be Gone,” “Drunk Again” and “Spoiler Alert.” Pay special attention to the clever lyrics in that last one. And don’t miss their engaging interview with Quentin.

What they brought us: A concert poster, a koozie and a copy of their CD “Breaking Ground.”

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