Second Story Garage: High Five

Denver hip-hop group High Five perform “I Got It” at Second Story Garage music video studio in Boulder, Colorado.

High Five got the attention of the Second Story Garage crew at a set they performed for the Colorado Music Party during South by Southwest in March. The music was fun, the MCs were confident, the raps were smart and inventive, and the band as a whole exuded a determination to succeed. Based on the crowd reaction in Austin, there’s little doubt they can go big.

The Garage discovered several Colorado acts at SXSW, but High Five was the first we invited into the studio. The Garage doesn’t quite have the built-in party vibe of a bar venue, but High Five was able to turn the energy on high in our little studio. Plus, they managed to slip an SSG reference into one of their lyrics.

MCs B-Rex, Guidence, Crimsen and Question, rapping to beats provided by producers D.H. Lawrence and Just Say PLZ, performed their songs “I Got It,” “Believe It” and “Turn It Up.” They also sat down for an interview with Quentin and talked about their experience at SXSW.

Some Denver hip-hop acts lament, justifiably, Colorado’s often paltry support for hip-hop. But High Five talks about expanding the scene. Given their talent and energy, they’re in a good position to take the scene Higher.

What they brought us: A set of High Five foam hands, which you can see in the background during the band’s performance.

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