Indigenous Robot chat with Ashley Dean

Indigenous Robot sit down to chat with Ashley at Second Story Garage.

Indigenous Robot has been on our radar since they brought us a CD packaged in handmade, painted vinyl more than a year ago.

The psych-meets-garage rock vibe was appealing on its own, but the creative delivery said a lot about the band, too. They’re interested in being different and fun. In our Garage, we found out it was true. Their performances of “Dragoon,” “Wonderful Life” and “Chief Gasoline” were something between gritty and dreamy. It’s difficult to pin down, not that you need to.

And, yes, they are definitely fun. Indigenous Robot is sponsored by Fireball Cinnamon Whisky — how could they not be fun? They even brought us some of that liquid fire, along with a boxing cat puppet to play with during the interview with Ashley.

What they brought us: Plenty of Fireball and a rock ’em sock ’em cat puppet.

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