Second Story Garage: Intuit

Intuit perform “Freedom Ringing” at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

Intuit’s performance in the Garage has a mystical feel about it.

If nothing else, the sense came from the jar of “holy water” that the Boulder band brought to add to our collection of trinkets.

As Chloe B. Watkins and Neil Sullivan explained to Quentin during their interview, Neil captured the water from the Arapaho Glacier via Caribou Springs the morning of our session. The half-filled mason jar represented a bigger version of the one Chloe plays like a drum on the song “Holy Water” from the band’s recently released, self-titled album.

And speaking of the music (yes, we digressed a bit!), Intuit’s sound is a mystical and magical blend of reggae, folk and funk, among other genres.

Listening to the band — Chloe on vocals, guitar and cello; Neil on guitar and vocals; Matt North on bass; Matthew Salzler on drums and Scott Parker Mast on percussion — we found ourselves wanting to dance all over the Garage floor.

We also found ourselves thinking about our planet, because the Earth and human communities are important to the members of Intuit, which you’ll discover while listening to “Freedom Ringing,” off the new album, as well as “Patterns,” and “Moonsong.”

What they brought us: A mason jar containing “holy water” from the Arapaho Glacier and a copy of Intuit.

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