Second Story Garage: Jet Edison performs ‘The Places We Call Home’

Jet Edison perform “The Places We Call Home”

Jet Edison is one of the more precise rock bands you’ll find.The members practice to a metronome. Their music features intricate rhythm changes and arrangements. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. Yet there’s plenty of room for looseness, too. Precise sections of Jet Edison’s songs frame passages of improvisation, and the members are adept at both types of playing. Fans of Phish will find much to admire here. The four-piece is based in Boulder, but it has established its presence throughout the Front Range and beyond. Jet Edison is preparing to perform a string of Front Range shows, including a “Hometown Throwdown” at the Fox Theatre on March 9. They’re also planning to release a second full-length album early this summer.

See the rest of the videos from their session: “Wasted,” “Wading Through The Rubble” and their interview with Quentin.

What they brought us: An ear of corn from Lone Tree, Iowa. Here’s the back-story:

Jet Edison had a day off from tour in Iowa, when some local friends took them out on a farm for a look around. The band members found themselves riding a large combine, which, the band being unfamiliar with rural life, was a source of fascination. “The farmer was like, ‘You think this is fun?,'” said drummer Alex Johnson. The band thought it was great fun, and they kept an ear of corn as a souvenir.

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