The Knew chat with Ashley Dean

Denver band The Knew sit down to chat with Ashley Dean at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colo.

The Knew has a new sound.

It’s nothing drastic. The Denver-based quartet still plays catchy, energetic rock. They’re trying to write more direct songs, though, and not fuss too much over clever tricks. You’ll hear it in the songs they played for us — “Rally and Rumble,” “Gypsy Red” and “Surrender” —  and they talk about it in their interview with Ashley.

They also talk about what it means to be a “front-row boy.” Back in December, Jacob Hansen told Ashley, “I think our thing has always been, don’t take yourself too seriously, but take your music seriously,” he said. “We love music so much. As front row boys, that takes both a mix of being into music and being into it in the front row, but also getting over yourself and not worrying what people are thinking. Like what you like.”

What they brought us: The program from a wedding they played.

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