Los Bohemios chat with Quentin Young

Los Bohemios chat with Quentin Young at Second Story Garage in Boulder.

Los Bohemios opened our ears to kinds of music we hadn’t heard in the Garage before. The band plays traditional Cuban and Latin tunes, and its original material has the humidity of a Havana neighborhood in the late afternoon.

With a pair of shakers and hand drums, the band starts with sultry rhythms, then builds up subtle song structures with the earthy sounds of acoustic strings and the sea-spray freshness of voices in cool harmony. The Second Story Garage crew was ready to jet to the tropics by the time the session was done.

After you watch the interview, check out “Regresa,” “How Can I Not Love You” and “Waking Up on Isla.”

What they brought us: A little yellow, plastic trumpet with lights.

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