Mosey West perform ‘While We Are Still Here’

Mosey West perform “While We Are Still Here” at Second Story Garage.

This is shaping up to be Mosey West’s year.

After a drummer change and the postponement of an EP in 2013, the Fort Collins band is refocused for 2014. They finally released that EP, Bermuda, earlier this year. Though it was recorded with a former drummer, it sounds like a changed band.

Guitarist Adam Brown told Ashley in January, “I think a lot of the songs now sort of sound like — we’ve always sounded like ’60s or ’70s — but kind of more surf rock or psychedelic rock. Rock ‘n’ roll, for sure, but steering away from the more alt-country sounds.”

Hear it in Mosey West’s Garage performances on two new songs, “City of Angels” and “While We Are Still Here” and one off Bermuda titled “The Next Breakdown.” Then check out the band’s interview with Ashley.

What they brought us: A poster featuring the album art from their first album, Vaca Money.

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