Musketeer Gripweed perform ‘Rosie’

Musketeer Gripweed perform “Rosie” at Second Story Garage.

Musketeer Gripweed frontman Jason Downing walked into the Second Story Garage studio in street clothes and asked for a place to change. His distinctively full beard hinted at an alter ego, and when he returned in black pants, black shirt, black hat and black shades, the transformation was complete. He wasn’t Downing anymore. He was the Reverend Monkey-Paw Patterson.

Patterson embodies the Gripweed vision of rootsy rock that digs in the dirt to unearth positive vibes. The proudly Fort Collins-based act has been finding a growing audience for its downhome tunes, and the core of its appeal is Patterson’s showmanship. He was not to be contained by the confines of the Garage: At one point, he jumped up on his chair. We hadn’t seen anyone do that before.

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What they brought us: A poster with art done by Downing’s partner.

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