Na’an Stop chat with Ashley Dean

Na’an Stop chat with Ashley Dean at Second Story Garage.

Dudes and dudettes, we’re proud to present to you the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

OK, it’s Na’an Stop. We were having so much fun with this Boulder reggae/ska/rock band that talking about their It’s All In The Cheese EP led us to identifying which of them was which pizza-scarfing turtle. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes magic we can’t broadcast to you, including a cover of “Smoke Two Joints” and a song of their own that was lost to a sound board crash.

Why are we telling you what you’re missing? Because this spirit is half the fun of Na’an Stop. When the band first formed at CU-Boulder, they didn’t have any major aspirations. They still don’t take themselves too seriously, but they’re doing well enough to headline the Fox Theatre on April 5.

Check them out in the Garage first, talking with Ashley (aka April O’Neil) and playing “Lonely Boat” and “Immersion.”

What they brought us: A stickered and autographed toilet seat. We’re not giving away the story here, so watch the interview. It’s a good one.

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