New Sound Underground perform ‘Fat & Sharp’

New Sound Underground perform “Fat & Sharp” at Second Story Garage.

Watch the rest of their videos: “Lift,” “Phantoms (Including Celebration)” and their interview with Quentin.

New Sound Underground’s Christopher Ray Hunnicutt smiled copiously during the band’s Second Story Garage session. Why? You’ll just have to watch, and you’ll see.

The band’s tight, funky grooves made us want to smile, too. Hunnicutt and his bandmates put in a set that was incredibly fun to listen to, and it’s a good sign when a band gets as much pleasure listening to itself as its audience does.

The Minneapols-based sextet was in town during the Colorado leg of a tour. Their instrumental jams are grounded in infectiously danceable rhythms, while a horn section of trombone and sax brings the funk.

What they brought us: New Sound Underground T-shirts.

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