Second Story Garage: The Outfit perform ‘What Happened to You?’

The Outfit perform “What Happened to You?” at Second Story Garage.

The Outfit has been through some changes.

Over the years, the lineup has changed almost entirely, but the sound keeps getting better. The current lineup — Eric Johnston, RJ Powers, Mike King and Mikael Kilates — sounded great in our studio when they performed “El Presidente,” “What Happened to You” and “Washed Out.”

The former two songs are on the Denver band’s 2013 EP, Tough Kids. If you’re a fan of gritty, garage-friendly indie rock, it’s worth hearing the whole thing.

Don’t miss the band’s interview with Ashley, either, in which they wear cat ears and talk about armadillos (oh, and music).

What they brought us: They left those cat ears behind for us to rock.

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