PrettyMouth perform ‘Morning Terrors’

PrettyMouth performs “Morning Terrors” at the Second Story Garage.

If you’ve heard the names Marie Litton, Lief Sjostrom or Ryan Longenecker before, it’s because they’ve all got hands in different projects. But together, they’re PrettyMouth.

The trio released their debut LP, Satan in Clothes, just a few weeks ago, and Ashley caught up with them to talk about their sound, which they’ve coined “dark folk.”

They also talked about what they’ll do next, and PrettyMouth isn’t short on ambitions. Litton told Ashley, “We’re trying to get shows and be a working band. That’s our main thing right now. I’ve been in a lot of bands in the town, but this is like … We all want to be a bigger band. We all want to make this happen. We’re pushing it. We want to do this thing.”

What they brought us: A Cruella De Vil figurine that nicely matched the dark color scheme of the session.

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