Qbala performs ‘Mind’s Eye’

Qbala performs “Mind’s Eye” at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

When you make your lyrics deeply personal, every performance leaves you vulnerable. Fort Collins rapper Qbala puts the hard facts of her life in her lyrics, and she’s the kind of performer who doesn’t shrink from the emotional charge of the words but uses it to power her delivery.

Qbala — aka Kalhie Quinones — might have had a career as a basketball player. She played for the University of Alaska Anchorage and contemplated playing overseas after school. But her real passion is music, and now she has a winning record as an MC. Last year she took top prize in a Colorado Music Buzz band competition. She was one of the local acts at The Denver Post Underground Music Showcase this summer. And she has a reputation for hustle and hard work. Earlier this month, she organized a night of hip-hop in Fort Collins to coincide with the Great American Beer Festival. She called it “Hip Hops.”

Qbala often performs with a DJ, but for her Garage session she took solo command. She performed her tracks “It Takes More,” “Mind’s Eye” and “News.” Listen to the lyrics in “News.” They’re intense. As was her explanation of the song during her interview with Quentin.

What she brought us: Her University of Alaska basketball jersey.

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