Ringo Deathstarr chat with Ashley Dean

Austin band Ringo Deathstarr sits down to talk with reporter Ashley Dean at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colo.

Not long ago, Ashley spoke with Ringo Deathstarr guitarist Elliot Frazier about how he and his bandmates write music.

“It never really goes any way twice, you know?” Frazier said. “For the last couple years … each one of us has been making tons of recordings at home, snippets of stuff. We’re lucky if we have a verse and chorus together in one demo. We’re pumping out sections of songs or whatever, and we send them to each other. Alex (Gehring) will send in something and it’s, ‘Oh, I have something that we can mix with that.’ Or I’ll just pick up the guitar and plug it into the pedal — I use alternate tunings — and I’ll play something that’ll feed back in a weird way, or a chord will make a weird sound and that’ll inspire something.”

That explanation makes perfect sense if you’ve heard any of the Austin, Texas, trio’s gnarly psych rock, especially their 2014 release, God’s Dream.

When Frazier, Gehrig and Daniel Coborn came to the Garage, they played the title track off the new record, along with “Flower Power” and “Nowhere.” Afterward, they talked more about the new record in an interview with Ashley.

What they brought us: A vinyl copy of God’s Dream.

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