Second Story Garage:
You Me & Apollo

You Me & Apollo perform ‘December Sun’ in the Second Story Garage studio in Boulder, Colorado

You Me & Apollo have a sound to suit their name, with the power of a god and the familiarity of a few friends.

And, of course, Apollo is the Greek god of music.

These guys aren’t living in Greece, though, they’re living in Fort Collins, which is probably an even more fertile breeding ground for music right now. You Me & Apollo has been thriving there, and the brand-new Sweet Honey album is evidence of that.

When they came to the Garage, the guys played some of the new songs — “December Sun,” “Days On Days” and “Madeline” — and sat down with Ashley to talk about them.

What they brought us: A little birdie, which the band tries to explain while chatting with Ashley.

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