Second Story Garage: Blues Caravan performs ‘Waiting on Daylight’

Bart Walker and Blues Caravan perform Bart’s song “Waiting on Daylight” at Second Story Garage.

Second Story Garage turned into Second Story Guitar Heaven for a day when the talent from Ruf Records took over the space.

Trading off on a Category 5 stack amplifier, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Bart Walker whipped up hurricane-like guitar licks while CJ Wilder’s bass rumbled.

They each performed an original song — “Waiting On Daylight” by Walker, “Diamonds in the Dirt” by Taylor and “If I Was the Sky” by Wilder — and it turns out their voices had power, too. Taylor’s especially had a rasp and old-soul emotive quality that is part of the essence of American blues, which was impressive coming from a 20-something who grew up in small-town England.

The three Ruf recording artists were on tour as Ruf’s Blues Caravan with help from drummer Bruce Guttridge. Though their record company put them together, they evidently have gotten to know each other quickly, as might be expected when you throw four people into a van and send them on the road.

They all had an opinion on whether Wilder should continue growing his beard. Watch the videos and interview with Quentin and decide for yourself.

What they brought us: Solo CDs, so we’ll have plenty to listen to.

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