Second Story Garage: Cassie Taylor

Cassie Taylor performs “That’s My Man” at Second Story Garage.

Cassie Taylor, the protege progeny of Boulder blues legend Otis Taylor, was raised to rock.

But her budding success doesn’t rest solely on her father’s shoulders. Her album Out of My Mind is certainly bluesy, but she makes the music her own with classic rock, industrial metal and psychedelic West African influences.

Maybe you need to hear it to understand, so check out her Garage performances of “Again” and “That’s My Man.”

She also played a brand-new, never-before-recorded song for us, called “Lit.” In her interview with Ashley, she explains why it’s a shout-out to all the CU frat boys. Don’t miss it.

What she brought us: A sack of nuts with no cashews because she picked them all out. The bag is, um, creatively labeled.

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