Second Story Garage: Idlewhile

Indie Americana sextet Idlewhile has a talent for beautifully sad music, but it didn’t get anyone down when they visited the Second Story Garage.

With a partial lineup of singer Giselle Collazo, Steven Phoenix on guitar, Paul Tedesco on upright bass, and Miguel Ramos on viola, Idlewhile performed a few songs that had us feeling good despite the sad lyrics. One was in Spanish, so we couldn’t quite tell, anyway.

Collazo sat down with Quentin to talk about the band and explain the tale of “La Borracha”.

Quentin wrote about Idlewhile earlier this year:
“If there is a quintessentially Coloradan kind of music, it is a style that favors an earthy authenticity and employs traditional instrumentation, especially bluegrass and country strings, but expands on the usual use and swaps an Appalachian conservatism for a Rocky Mountain high. Harmonicas and odd front-porch instruments might be in use. Vocal harmonies are everywhere. “Americana” is the term people reach for to encompass this unwieldy category. Think of Elephant Revival and Paper Bird.”

Idlewhile rests somewhere nearby.

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UPDATE: Idlewhile didn’t bring us anything for the Garage when they first came by, but Phoenix took the time to build us a beautiful old-fashioned radio. Needless to say, we’re delighted.

For more Idlewhile videos Click Here.


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