Second Story Garage: Paris Hayes

There is a wide variety of styles on the local music scene, and we try to reflect that with the musicians we bring into the Second Story Garage. With Paris Hayes, we got two genres for the price of one.

Hayes has been living in Boulder and studying at Naropa, and we managed to catch her just before she moved back home to San Francisco. She’s been making music since she was a kid, growing from a singer/songwriter and acoustic guitar player to a rapper. We got to hear a little of both when she came into the studio the day after her album release party.

Her album, Better Woman, is a mix of hip hop and soul, and it’s available on iTunes and Amazon.

What she brought us: With all of her belongings in moving boxes, Hayes didn’t have too much to give. She managed to find some merchandise with her name on it for us — a condom from France that says “I <3 Paris” on the wrapper.

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