Second Story Garage: Salvador Santana

Salvador Santana Band perform “Why Oh!” at Second Story Garage.

An uplifting spirit inhabits Salvador Santana’s music, and when you talk with him you realize that’s just who he is. From the moment he and his band entered the Second Story Garage, he exuded a warm, sunny vibe to the session, and we were thrilled to have him around.

But let’s not forget the music. Santana, son of legendary guitar player Carlos Santana, grew up around music. He gravitated toward keyboards, which became his main instrument, and though he had a uniquely direct connection to the ground-breaking sounds of the 1960s, he absorbed the work of new artists he heard as a teen living in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1990s. This is evident in the way he raps his lyrics and in other elements of hip hop in what are otherwise danceable rock and pop songs.

Santana has surrounded himself with a great set of musicians, as you’ll see here and in “Rise Up,” “Under The Sun” and Salvador’s interview with Quentin. Singer Alex Nester was a particular treat. We think you’ll agree.

What he brought us: CDs with some very extravagant art inserts.

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