Second Story Garage: Shady Elders

Shady Elders perform “Breakers” at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado

When Shady Elders came together in Denver a couple of years ago, its members had come from other notable area bands, so there were a lot of eyes on it. Westword pronounced the band “Denver’s newest supergroup.”

The band released its debut EP, No Favors, in 2013, and it has a moody, dreamy, pop sound that highlights the vocals of frontwoman Fox Rodemich. Her voice has a dark-chocolate-and-cherries richness that’s especially flavorful when she dips to the lower register. The band’s songs are like a moonlight drive in a convertible through the industrial outskirts of a city, when the night sky and the company of friends puts into relief the beauty of smokestacks and power lines.

The band includes Miles Eichner on guitar, Casey Banker on bass and Nick Berlin on drums. While in the Garage, they played “Breakers,” “Lonely Girls” and “The Night Air,” then continued to entertain during their interview with Quentin.

What they brought us: Fox’s bra. (This wasn’t planned. She took it off on a whim. People do stuff like this in the Garage, for some reason.)

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