Second Story Garage: Soap performs ‘Take a Chance’

Soap perform “Take a Chance” at Second Story Garage in Boulder.

Soap plays the kind of music that works very well at festivals. They rock, they jam, they make you want to dance.

Many fans have discovered the band at 10,000 Lakes Festival, the Big Wu Family Reunion, Bella Music Festival and similar events.

We found that the band jams just as hard in an intimate venue like Second Story Garage.

Austin Lee, Ross Taylor and cousins Erich Krapf and Skyler Krapf have put together a package that delivers feet-moving rhythms, crunchy guitars and passionate lyrics. It’s a sound that goes over well in the Front Range market, and Soap swung by the Garage during the Colorado leg of a national tour. They performed “What the Truth Is,” “For Granted” and “Take a Chance,” and Lee sat down to talk with Quentin.

The band is based in Minneapolis, where it’s part of a circle of musicians that includes SSG alums Jon Wayne and the Pain and New Sound Underground.

We say to Minneapolis: Keep the cool sounds coming our way.

What they brought us: “Bubbles,” a pink stuffed giraffe that was named by Soap’s fans and has traveled with the band (mostly on the drum kit) for about two years, and copies of the band’s new CD, “Piece By Piece.”

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