Second Story Garage: The Congress perform ‘When I’ve Got the Time’

Denver band The Congress perform “When I’ve Got the Time.”

You might remember The Congress as a quartet, but the Denver (by way of Virginia) band is down to three now, and they’ve found a way to rock even harder.

Back in August, Ashley talked with guitarist Scott Lane about the transition:

“Now we’re being told that this is the best we’ve ever sounded and the fullest we’ve ever sounded, which you’d think would be counterintuitive. All we’ve got is a bass, drums and guitar, and you can just crank the shit out of the guitar. We’ve got a bigger, bolder, more rock ‘n’ roll sound.”

We wanted to hear it for ourselves, so we got Lane, Jonathan Meadows and Mark Levy to drop in on the Garage. They lived up to the talk, and they even played a new, unrecorded song for us, “When I’ve Got The Time.”

See the rest of The Congress’ videos:  “Minutes,” “Walls” and their interview with Ashley.

What they brought us: A Congress pint glass. (That makes two. Who’s bringing us something to fill them with?)

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