Second Story Garage:
The Lone Bellow

The Lone Bellow perform “You Never Need Nobody” at Second Story Garage.

There was a moment during The Lone Bellow’s session at Second Story Garage when a song came to a point of silence, and there was so much tension behind it, so much emotion, that it was one of the most powerful three seconds we’ve experienced in the studio. For all the music we tape in the Garage, an instance of silence stands out as all-time highlight.

The Lone Bellow, based in Brooklyn, were in the area to perform at Red Rocks for Film on the Rocks, where they opened for the ’80s classic “Risky Business.” That was an odd pairing. We decided the trio would be a great fit after we checked them out on YouTube. That was a good call.

Lead singer and songwriter Zach Williams looks about to burst with emotion when he sings, and his voice is able to channel all that emotion in a way that’s open to the vicissitudes of the here-and-now but never out of control. What really makes this group a thrill to hear, though, are the three-part harmonies. They take memorable vocal melodies and present them with finely constructed layers of vocal paint.

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What they brought us: A black and gold Hatch Show Print of a tour poster.

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