Second Story Garage: The Longest Day of the Year

One of the many things we’ve enjoyed about the Second Story Garage series is getting to know just how nice so many of our local musicians are. The Longest Day of the Year are no exception.

These guys came into our studio and presented us with yet another new challenge: They were the biggest, rockingest band to come through, and they had a full drum kit to fit into our small space. Through no small amount of effort and time, we think we collectively made a pretty righteous product. The TLDOTY were incredibly patient and, of course, all-pro about it. Thanks for being part of this adventure, guys!  In this video the band performs “Radio Low.”

Earlier this year, Ashley wrote this about The Longest Day of the Year:

In the land of folksy jamming and wobbles and whomps, The Longest Day of the Year just wants everyone to drink and rock out.

And the Boulder band happily gives Colorado plenty of chances to do just that. They played more than 100 shows last year through Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Longmont, Eldora, and pretty much everywhere else with what they call “outlaw Americana.” Or as singer and guitarist t.Mule (Sean Lamborne) put it, “whiskey music.”

What they brought us: These guys brought us stickers, a TLDOTY pint glass and a pretty awesome piece of artwork that you’ll see in these videos as well as future recordings.

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Check out all of The Longest Day of the Year videos here.

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