Second Story Garage: The Yawpers perform ‘America’

The Yawpers didn’t so much visit our studio as blow through it.

In a whirlwind session, the Boulder rockers cranked out three songs from their new record and told us a tour story you just have to hear for yourself. We’ll just say it involves a one-night stand gone wrong — with a possible witch.

The Yawpers’ LP, Capon Crusade, is out now, and Ashley had this to say in her review:

Capon Crusade opens like a come-on in a bar. Pleasant, plaintive notes have you at ease while an unsettling sense of something rougher is growing louder with the guitar distortion.

It’s a fitting opening for what follows — tales of drunken debauchery, heartbreak and existential crisis, packaged in rock that wavers between country and Americana. Maybe even more fitting is how well the record captures The Yawpers’ live sound and energy, something the Savage Blue EP didn’t manage to do. It’s music best suited for the kind of nights that inspired it.

What they brought us: In the video for the song “Silicone Love,” a large man in jean shorts rollerblades around Boulder breaking all kinds of laws, all while draped in an American flag. That flag now hangs in the Garage.

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