Second Story Garage: Tommy & the Tangerines perform ‘I Know You’

Part of what’s great about Boulder indie rock band Tommy & the Tangerines is that none of the five members are named Tommy.

More importantly, the music is great, too — catchy, feel-good rock with a hint of pop. The band is in the midst of picking a handful of songs out of 50 original tunes for their follow-up to the Main Squeeze EP, but they found some time to drop into the studio and record some songs for us. Among them were one of the oldest and one of the newest songs the band plays.

Ashley talked with singer Mic Carrol last December:

“Whenever people ask us what kind of music we are, we were trying to say
rock ‘n’ roll. But we’ve recently been discussing what to say because that’s sort of vague … We were toying with some fun ones like “drinking/bar rock” or “indie/bar/funk/psych/pop” [laughs] … We play in bars. Those are the kinds of venues we’re at right now. The people like us there.”
What they brought us: A fake tangerine and an orange shirt donated by a fan during a show. The band was nice enough to wash it before signing it for us.

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