Second Story Garage: Trout Steak Revival perform ‘Go On’

Trout Steak Revival perform ‘Go On’ at Second Story Garage in Boulder.

Trout Steak Revival, as far as we know, is the first band we’ve had in the studio that has won an Emmy. The Denver bluegrass band’s music was on a show on public TV in Denver that won the award, and TSR has a statuette to prove it. (We even got to hold it — we can report that the figure depicted in the award has sharp wings.)

But we didn’t even know about all that before the band showed up. We
invited Trout Steak Revival into the studio because the band is one of
the top bluegrass acts on the Front Range, a region that is serious
about its bluegrass.

With traditional instrumentation, an old-time approach to songwriting and
skillful delivery, Trout Steak made the session go swimmingly. Fiddler
Bevin Foley broke a string just as the session got under way, but her
timing was lucky — she made it to a nearby music store minutes before
it closed.

Restrung and ready to go, the band played “Go On,” “Union Pacific” and “Colorado River” for us before sitting down to chat with Quentin about their music — and the Emmy.

What they brought us: A printed atlas, one of a couple the band keeps in
the event Trout Steak tours the world.

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