Second Story Garage: Tuscadero y Tuscadero performs ‘Tall Horse’

Well, this session got weird.

Boulder-based quintet Tuscadero y Tuscadero calls its music “post-suburban Americana,” but that barely scratches the surface on the three songs the band played in the Second Story Garage. They started with a frantic rocker about kicking back and chilling, then followed with a catchy but sad breakup tune and wrapped up with a hilarious but musically impressive pirate song.

Listen to more of the band’s music at and check out singer and songwriter Ben Hanna’s solo project, an album titled We Were All Like Whatever, over at Kickstarter.

What they brought us: A llama! OK, not a real one. A cute little plastic llama you might spot in the performance videos. Make sure to watch the interview to learn his backstory and to find out what we named him.

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